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21 augustus 2018

Here are our first 6 Codaisseur Design Academy graduates; #proud

That was a fun adventure, the graduation journey of the 6 designers; together with 19 coders they finished their bootcamp. In the meantime, we started with another 9 students!

2 proud teachers with their 6 grads, all looking into a different camera lens 😂

We discovered that teaching design is so different from teaching code. There’s more coaching needed, as well as more room for practicing soft skills. And:

Coders without designers is just like rappers without music — is that why we have the designer perform a rap? More about that at the end of this post. 😅

In my opinion, to have classes code-18 and design-01 work together was the best thing that could have happened to the Codaisseur Code Academy.

Both coders and designers become more aware of who they will be working with in the future; adjusting their communication, their nuances, and way of working accordingly. Coders become aware of who they are working for: the users!

It’s just great that so many coders of this class/batch made it this time. I don’t know for sure, but maybe that happened because they worked together with designers this time? 🤔

The students from the code classes are presented on our student showcase, Seeing as we’re still in development of adding our designers to that backend (that’s another story), we’re currently presenting the new design students in this post.

Meet our Design Academy Class #01 graduates!

Manne Messemaker [HIRED]

Manne is a force of nature. You want to have him on your team because he’s able to bring people together and get them to work. He’s a bright and clever guy, and still very much human (he knows what I mean). His skills in really owning a project make it so that he can take up any challenge.

Manne is an experienced worker in all kinds of trades and I can’t wait to see what my student will come up with in the future — or on which meetups/conferences he will give talks.

His background and experience in psychology can prove useful in the work of a User Experience designer.

How I redesigned the BuitenBeter app for my UX Design graduation project

  • Roles you can hire him for: UX Research, UX Designer
  • Specialities: Testing, Prototyping, Wireframing
  • Tool experience: Figma, Photoshop

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Debora Bittencourt [HIRED]

Débora takes her work very seriously, which is a great trade for a designer. Her attention to detail is immediately present, which she translates into her approach to styling and doing research. She’s accurate like a computer and sensitive like a human.

Being a pleasant team player; I can see her thrive in a team with developers, other designers, and stakeholders. Due to her natural authority you instantly listen to her and that’s why she could also be a design lead or creative facilitator within a company.

How I designed a new feature for Hudson’s Bay APP — Virtual Personal Stylist

  • Roles you can hire her for: UI Designer, UX Designer, Visual Designer
  • Specialities: Prototyping, Wireframing, Visual Design
  • Tool experience: Figma, Photoshop

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Rutger Wiegmans

Rutger is in a constant development loop, and that’s what designers should be in, all the time. His combination of researching, sketching, designing, testing and visual thinking skills make him a full stack designer-some would say a UX unicorn-and a potential value for any fast moving company.

His experience makes him aware and thoughtful of the design trends out there. It was a pleasure to push Rutger even further while teaching him.

With his background and experience in design you can count on Rutger finishing the job in no time.

UX Design case: How I designed a payment feature for a crowdfunding platform

  • Roles you can hire him for: UX Designer
  • Specialities: Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, Testing
  • Tool experience: Sketch, Axure, Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, Invision

Connect with him on LinkedIn or check out his portfolio.

Esta Ashtari [HIRED]

Estabrak takes care of the details, she’s a curious human being who is interested in the needs and wants of users and customers. Esta is an amazing illustrator and researcher, and she’s a great designer as a whole.

From facilitating a workshop to doing research, she can do it all. It was great to be around Estabrak while teaching, because she had a positive influence on her fellow students.

Her background and experience in research can be applied to improve any user experience.

How I designed an App for the Bijenkorf department store in one week

  • Roles you can hire her for: UX Designer, UI Designer,
  • Specialities: Prototyping, Testing, Creative Facilitation, Wireframing, Research, Visual Design, Information Architecture
  • Tool experience: Photoshop, Figma, Sketch

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Aylar Yashar

Aylar asks all the right questions; she is super thorough in understanding problems and users. In everything she does she continues to have a great overview and eye.

Her creative facilitation skills are just as meticulous as her design skills, she knows how to handle stressful people-driven-processes. It was unforgettable to have her as a student, because of constant straightforward and correct feedback.

With her strong marketing background in the corporate world she comes up with great ideas that are remarkable and solve the problem.

A new concept for travel fare aggregators — a UX case study

  • Roles you can hire her for: UX Designer, Product Manager
  • Specialities: Visual Design, Research, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Creative Facilitation, Testing
  • Tool experience: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

Connect with her on LinkedIn, or check her Dribbble profile.

Suraj Bechan [HIRED]

You can recognise Suraj from his loud laughs and big smile, which is really pleasant in the workplace and in school. His positivity is contagious, while being around him and interacting with him.

He’s extremely eager to learn and takes feedback very well. Suraj is creative— his ideas are new and exciting! He’s bold—he takes on ambitious challenges for himself and has success with them. He’s a talented UI designer that focuses on the user experience as a whole. I’m really looking forward to see which company he will excel and grow in.

In addition, his background and experience in business development is interesting for any company looking to grow (exponentially).

Bitknip, the first dutch cryptocurrency wallet supported by a dutch major bank

  • Roles you can hire him for: UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Research and Product Manager
  • Specialities: Information Architecture, Wireframing, Visual Design, Prototyping, Creative Facilitation
  • Tool experience: Sketch, Photoshop, Figma

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

We asked for a rap; a remarkable combination of copywriting and public speaking. This is how we do it! ✌️

Nine new students started their journey already, so expect more great people to come with amazing motivation and interesting backgrounds. Interested? Join the program!

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